Electrical installations, repairs & maintenance in Nowra


Electrical Installations— Electrician in Nowra, NSW
FAW Electrical strives to provide the best electrical services in Nowra and beyond. We serve the entire Shoalhaven region, assisting residential and commercial clients with installations, maintenance work and repairs. If there is an electrical problem at your location, you can trust that an expert electrician from FAW Electrical will be there to help you.

Experience Matters

Electrical work is dangerous, whether you are fixing a switchboard or attempting overhead electrical connections at a construction site. At FAW Electrical, we understand the risks and intricacies of electrical wiring and appliances. It is why we are so proud of the services we have offered in the region since 2001.

Our team has more than 50 combined years of experience in the industry. There is no electrical problem or circumstance that we have not seen before.

Affordable Excellence

Everyone at FAW Electrical cares about the value we provide to our customers. Offering a decent electrical service is not enough. We want to deliver the best service with the most reasonable rates. We do not want a business owner or family to choose between DIY and professional electrical work because of the price.

Working with wiring or electrical appliances could cause a fire or severe damage to your property. We have reasonable, transparent rates, while we offer payment plans where necessary. You can trust that FAW Electrical will have your back. We do not charge extra for urgent calls, as we understand that some electrical problems cannot wait until the next day.

Using The Best Products

FAW Electrical cares about exceeding the expectations of our clients on every job. When you hire us to complete an electrical installation or repair, we expect you to say wow in amazement when you see the result.

It is why we use products from the top companies including, Clipsal, HPW/Legrand, Hager, Olex, Domus, Mitsubishi Electric, Hitachi and Samsung. We never use unreliable or “cheap” products in a bid to save a little bit of money. We care about our customers and our reputation far too much.

Training Apprentices

When you hire FAW Electrical for a residential or commercial job, you can trust that experienced tradesmen are overseeing the project and doing the bulk of the work. However, we do have apprentices with us throughout the year, depending on the circumstances.

We take great pride in bringing local apprentices through the ranks. Many of our current employees started in the industry through that route. Every apprentice receives the proper training and supervision, as we allow them to learn the skills necessary to become a fully certified electrician.