Commercial electrical services in Nowra


As a proud local Nowra business that has served the Shoalhaven region since 2001, FAW Electrical is aware of the importance of proper electrical installations, maintenance and repairs. No company can run successfully without a 100 per cent safe, efficient and functional electrical system. We work with businesses in all industries, providing them with the expertise and assistance they need.

Most businesses have extensive wiring, lighting, data, cabling, meters, internet and other systems that require constant work. FAW Electrical is capable of handling full-scale installations, business expansions, remodelling, maintenance and repair work. Due to our Level 2 service provider accreditation, we can handle overhead and underground electrical connections as well.

There is no job that our team will find too small, big or complicated. We have dealt with general wiring, three phase supply, connections, power upgrades, power distribution, switchboards, sensors, pumps, underground work, low voltage work, meters and other electrical matters.

Full Electrical Installations

When you are setting up a new business, you can count on FAW Electrical to get your electrical wiring and connections set up. We can set up your structure and link it to the grid through overhead and underground connections. We can also install wiring, electrical outlets and other necessary fixtures in various floors and rooms of the building.
Wiring — Electrician in Nowra, NSW


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Meters — Electrician in Nowra, NSW


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