Level 2 electrician in Nowra


At FAW Electrical, we are proud to offer level 2 service electrical work in Nowra and the greater Shoalhaven region. Whether you require domestic, commercial or industrial installations, our crew is ready to assist you. We have a highly trained team, the latest equipment and all the necessary experience to take on your project and complete it to the highest standard. Whether it is a small domestic job or you need assistance wiring a large-scale building, do not hesitate to give us a call.

Level 2 Electrician

A level 2 electrician is unique compared to a typical electrician. While we deal with the same type of wiring and appliances, our specific roles are distinct. The level 2 electricians at FAW Electrical have the necessary training, experience and qualifications to take on projects related to connecting and disconnecting power from a domestic or commercial building to the electrical network.

These jobs are considered more sophisticated and dangerous, compared to regular electrical work within a structure. For instance, adding an electrical outlet to a room in a house or office building is complicated work. But it requires less expertise, compared to connecting the entire structure to the electrical grid in your region.

Due to the complexity of the work and the potential risks, it is crucial that you only hire the level 2 service providers from FAW Electrical to complete your job.

Overhead & Underground Cables

As level 2 service providers, we have the license to work with overhead street cables and underground electrical wiring. It is because all the level 2 electricians at FAW Electrical go through the training and requirements to maintain their qualifications each year.

Level 2 Services

We provide level 2 services at FAW Electrical that include electrical connections, power pole connections, electricity metering services, consumer mains and underground and overhead power. If you require work that is related to any of these jobs, then you will need to get in touch with our level 2 specialists. They will liaise with you, arrive at your location and provide a full assessment of what the work will entail.