Domestic electrical services in Nowra


FAW Electrical is an experienced, trained and courteous electrical service provider that can assist you with any issue at your home or business. We have over 50 years of experience in the industry, master electrician certification and a level 2 service provider qualification.

Our locally owned and operated business is proud to serve domestic clients throughout the Nowra region. Whether you require a powerpoint added to a room or you are having trouble with your switchboard or meter, we are happy to help. We can also handle full installations and maintenance work.

Electrical Work is Dangerous

Electrical Work — Electrician in Nowra, NSW
The first piece of advice we deliver to our domestic clients is to avoid tampering with electrical wires or systems. Electricity is dangerous, especially if you do not know what you are doing. Why take a risk with DIY work when you can hire FAW Electrical at the most reasonable rate in the area?

Booking an appointment with our tradesmen is effortless. In most cases, we can arrive at your home or business on the same day or the next day. Whether you have noticed a powerpoint smoking up or you are tired of a specific section on your switchboard tripping every few days, we can assist you in getting to the bottom of the issue.

Not only do we provide the best advice and repair work on electrical wiring, fixtures and appliances, but we also do installation and maintenance work. You can trust us to handle the electricity installations when you are building, renovating or extending a home. Given we are a level 2 service provider, we can install both overhead and underground connections.

Our team is capable of completing projects of any size or scope on time and within budget. Whether you are wiring a brand new home, fixing a blown fuse or frustrated with the wiring for your new ceiling fan, our electricians can help.
Wiring — Electrician in Nowra, NSW


Regardless of the size of your property or the age of your wiring, we can handle wiring or rewiring projects. We will ensure your home is powered safely in no time.
Cables — Electrician in Nowra, NSW


As a comprehensive electrical service provider in Nowra, we can help you set up your phone, television, internet or other cables. We can install cables, maintain your existing connections and troubleshoot problems to ensure you continue to get interference-free signals.
Lighting — Electrician in Nowra, NSW


FAW Electrical can assist you in setting up new lighting fixtures and connections. Whether you want to add more lights indoors or outdoors, let the master electricians at our business take care of it for you. We have assisted thousands of homeowners in the region with the same issues!